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Discover Some of the Many Benefits


First Time

If you've always wanted to try a spa, Ste. Anne's makes an ideal first experience. We're a full-service destination spa nestled peacefully in the rolling Haldimand Hills on over 400 private acres. Slip into your robe, indulge in some signature spa treatments and surrender to relaxation. We'll design your initial stay according to your preferences and we'll help you discover a few pleasant spa surprises! Your first visit certainly won't be your last.


Celebrating Milestones

A milestone such as a birthday, engagement, honeymoon or anniversary is always a great excuse for a celebration. Why not mark the occasion with a spa getaway to our 'castle' in the country? Treat yourself to a stay in one of our expansive Heritage Suites. We'll make you feel special without intruding.


Gathering with Friends

Renew your friendships at the spa. Growing in popularity at Ste. Anne's is gatherings with groups of friends or family. Reunions, bridal parties, book clubs, bridge clubs and scrapbooking have been favourite reasons for visiting the spa. Our spa cottages offer the perfect setup for your special club or group. Sentosa for example has three separate accommodations with a large common area, private chef for groups of 6 or more and treatment rooms in-house.


Romantic Escape

How many of us spend enough quality time alone with the one we love? Rekindle the flame by surprising him or her with a retreat to Ste. Anne's. Most of our guest accommodations have fireplaces to set the mood after a romantic dinner in our charming dining room. To make your escape exceptional, we offer door-to-door limousine service, in-room spa treatments for two, to name a few. Reconnect and catch up on all the things you've been meaning to say to each other.


Fresh Start

If you've resolved to lose weight, start a fitness regime or improve your nutrition, the experts at Ste. Anne's will help you kick start a major lifestyle change. Getting away from it all to a wellness environment will make it easier to focus on yourself and your goals. You'll return home with greater determination.


Stress Break

It goes without saying that we live hectic, stressful lives. We need to manage that stress so we remain healthy and continue to function well on a daily basis. Let us help you reduce your stress level. We can suggest the right combination of treatments, fitness programs and rest periods to help you decompress. A regular getaway to the calming environment of Ste. Anne's can help restore your balance.



Mending after a difficult life event takes time and reflection. Ste. Anne's provides a sanctuary for you to heal - body and soul. Our extensive property allows for private walks in a peaceful, natural setting. Well-appointed guest accommodations provide you with space and comfort. In the spa, our understanding therapists are trained to respect the individual's desire for quiet or conversation.



What better reward than a trip to Ste. Anne's? The gift of a spa retreat for a job well done is a fitting way to relax, revitalize and inspire even greater accomplishments. Make a reservation for yourself. Or thrill a deserving employee, relative or friend with a gift certificate.



When some of us think "spa", we still think of nothing but being pampered. A facial, a massageā€¦.luxuriating in a long, relaxing bath helps to unite our inner and outer beauty. Seasonal treatments offer something new to discover every time you stay. Many of our return guests plan an annual getaway with friends just to be spoiled.