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The Beauty of Aging

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

We all reach a point in our lives when we look in the mirror and the person looking back isn’t the same person we remember. Instead we see lines, sun spots, or imperfections. We are always our own worse critics. While there are things we can do to soften those imperfections and improve the health of our skin, aging is inevitable (trust us, we’ve looked into it). So do yourself a favour and the next time that you look in the mirror and notice all those lovely signs of aging, don’t think about what you would change. Own it, because you have earned every single line, and every single spot, living your life.


When you see those lines know that they’re there for a reason, like a trophy. Crow’s feet and laugh lines mean that you’ve had fun, you’ve laughed and no doubt made others laugh. You have smiled so big that it touched your eyes and lit up your whole face. Frown lines show that you’ve been a critical thinker, or maybe been vulnerable enough to love something or someone so fully, that it hurt when you lost it. Those sad lines aren’t bad either; it means that you’ve allowed yourself to feel what you truly feel at times. Other lines around your mouth and loss of tone are signs that you’ve shouted- maybe with passionate emotion, or maybe cheering on your favourite team or band.



Your hereditary speed of aging, good or bad, also come with your quirkiness, ability to cook, nice hips or whatever the wonderful qualities you got from your parents and their DNA. Those annoying sun spots are proof that you’ve made it through long winters and have soaked up every moment that you could of summer. Maybe they’re souvenirs from vacations or family trips, or even from enjoying the warmth of the sun coming through your window while on a long drive. Think about how far you’ve come from the poreless, smooth skinned child that you once were. You have laughed, cried, sang, partied, learned, expressed and overcome things that you may not have thought you could. You have lived, and you have the lines to prove it.


Aging can be beautiful, so embrace it. Pass on your wisdom and know that every time you look in the mirror and see an “imperfection”, that you have earned them experiencing life.