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Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Monday, March 11, 2019

Many people find themselves drawn to water and feel a sense of relaxation from water, so it's no wonder that it has been incorporated within spas around the world. For hundreds of years, water has been used in therapies to heal the body, increase circulation and promote immunity.


This is the idea behind our hydro-therapy treatments here at Ste. Anne’s Spa. Imagine the best shower you’ve ever had, how perfect the water pressure was, and how good that hot water felt- now imagine that, but you’re laying down relaxing, and in complete zen. This is the feeling you will have during and after any of our hydro treatments.



Hydrotherapy uses different temperatures and pressures of water to soak, massage and invigorate the body, often with the use of a scotch hose, and most importantly a vichy shower. This type of treatment is used to revitalize, relieve discomfort and promote healthy function of the body.


A vichy shower has 5-7 adjustable shower heads which provides a relaxing water massage as you lay under it. The pressure is adjustable, and the feeling is pure bliss. This simultaneously full body hydro therapy stimulation increases blood and lymph circulation, which in turn boosts the body’s immune system.  The calming sensation also soothes the nervous system and reduces toxins by improving the body’s elimination system.


Deeper pressure water massage helps to break down cellulite deposits in the body, and is invigorating for mind, body and soul. There are so many benefits of hydrotherapy and the relaxing results cannot be matched- try one with your next visit and experience it for yourself.