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Ever Wanted to Visit Africa? Now's Your Chance

Monday, July 13, 2015

This year we're offering you the chance to visit Uganda, Africa and make an impact on the lives of countless others as we have done in years past. We will be sponsoring up to 10 guests for $1000 each who are interested in participating.


This will be the fifth annual trip to Uganda for hosts Paul and Debbie Dinner, who coordinate the entire trip through the Canadian-based charitable organization, GIVE International. The trip is planned to take place from January 29 to February 12, 2016. Ste. Anne's Spa has been involved with Paul and Debbie and their trip to Uganda for many years now.



"We met with Jim in 2010 and briefly discussed our plans to take a volunteer group to Uganda to work with children in orphanages and schools," says Paul. "Jim immediately expressed an interest and thus commenced his commitment to our efforts over the past five years by way of financial aid and human resources (four of his staff have joined us as volunteers). We are most grateful to Jim for his trust and support."

If you've been following our blog, you may have likely read some posts from previous trips (if not you can read more at the end of this post). This year we've decided to do something a bit different, instead of sending our own staff members to help out, we would like to give you that chance!


Some of the hands-on volunteer activities you'll be doing on the trip include; distributing family kits to families in need, handing out supplies to local schools, coordinating breakfast feedings for primary-level children, supporting mobile health clinics, assisting with construction, painting, refurbishing of schools and orphanages and learning about local projects that are supporting orphans and other vulnerable children impacted by HIV/AIDS. 


The total cost of the trip is $2200 (for Ste. Anne's guests) plus the flight cost (estimated $1600), all of which is 100% tax-deductible. You'll also have the chance to set up a donation page on GIVE International's website if you wish for friends and family to help donate toward your trip.


Below are a couple of short paragraphs that our previous volunteers have provided us to inspire you to go! 

Ted & Jennifer Stacey

My husband, Ted Stacey, and I, were chosen by Ste. Anne’s Spa to join a team of 10 other people to travel to Uganda, which is a country located on the Eastern side of Africa. Our team was tasked to deliver family kits, complete with mattresses, mosquito nets, pots, washing bowls, soap, salt, jerry cans, and blankets to families living in mud huts in remote villages in southern Uganda. We were also tasked with assisting with the completion of the construction of an elementary school and hosting breakfast feedings and delivering school supplies to the children in these communities. Our final project was to facilitate a mobile medical clinic to these same people to test for HIV and Malaria. Every day was filled with a meaningful experience.

The living conditions in these small communities seem deplorable by our standards, and the lack of clean water, food, gainful employment, education opportunities, and police protection makes these communities in dire need of our assistance. However, the people in Uganda will quickly warm your hearts with their optimism and hope in a time that doesn’t seem optimistic or hopeful. They are generous, loving and happy. They are eager to welcome people into their meagre homes and are gracious and thankful for any assistance we can give them.

Ted and I went to Uganda believing that we would be doing something great for these people, and came home with the realization that they also did something great for us. Our perspective of the world outside of our culture was richer and we were more humble as a result of our experience. It has created a permanent mark on our perspective and has softened our hearts in a beautiful way. 


Kyle Hylton

I first went to Uganda with Paul and Debbie in 2013, at that time I was a little hesitant about the idea entirely. Travelling to Africa? Is it dangerous? What about diseases? But after a few preliminary meetings with the anticipated team for that year I was getting excited to go. And it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made, so much so that I decided to go back with them the following year, staying a couple of extra weeks on my own.

Even though you only spend a couple of weeks with the people of Uganda, their impact will last a lifetime (click here to read one of my previous posts about the people). Almost daily I think back to their smiling faces, their cheerfulness and their willingness to give you everything when they have nothing. But it's all the people you meet who have the lasting impact, from the penniless villagers to the amazing GIVE International local volunteers to the friends you'll also make volunteering with you.


On this trip you'll be exposed to extreme poverty in the villages, you'll likely feel as if you can't do enough to help them. I think that's what makes this trip so great, it's an introductory volunteer trip. If you come back feeling so passionate about continuing to help there are so many avenues which you'll be exposed to. 


But reading this isn't the same as truly experiencing it. I know the time might not be right, you may have kids to think about, your job or other burdens, but will the time ever be right? I challenge you to go, who knows, maybe you'll even see me there working alongside you. 


For a more detail itinerary of the trip please click here. If you are interested in participating or just have questions, please don't hesitate to contact Paul & Debbie Dinner at (905) 827-0234 or Be sure to sign up soon to make sure you have a spot saved, group sizes are only 10-12 people.


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