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Freshly Brewed Skin Care

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Have you ever put on a skin care product and just melted away in its euphoric scent? When it comes to both scents and healing properties, natural floral waters and essential oils cannot be beat.



You may be wondering what exactly is floral water, how is it made and why is it important? Natural floral waters are condensate water that remains after the extraction of an essential oil by water or steam distillation. When essential oils are produced by either of these methods not all of the aromatic and healing principles held within the plant are actually captured in the essential oil- this is where the importance of floral water comes in.



Many plants are, (or contain components that are) hydrophilic, which means they dissolve into water. This produces what is commonly known as a floral water, or hydrosol, when steamed or distilled. Whichever you would like to call it, floral water is not just great smelling water - it contains the essence of absolutely everything that was within the plant while it was alive, growing and blooming. It’s not just a great smelling water.


Choosing a good floral water can be difficult though as many products are now using synthetic floral waters. These waters may smell beautiful, but they often can irritate the skin and have absolutely none of the healing properties that true distilled floral waters have. The difference in quality is astounding. We’ve all heard about the healing properties of essential oils, but many floral waters have just as many healing or stimulating properties as the essential oils, if not more in some cases! Many of the plant benefits are dissolved into the water whilst extracting the oil in the distilling process, which means those properties were never in the essential oil to begin with. Having both floral water and essential oils in your products delivers the best results, and smells heavenly too!



In skincare, Rose, Orange Blossom/Neroli and Lavender flower waters are great for hydrating dry skin and cooling hot and sensitized skin. If you have been out in the sun too long and got burned, Lavender flower water is soothing and comforting as well as healing and anti-septic. Chamomile water is ideal for calming the skin and relieving puffy eyes. Peppermint has anti-bacterial and cooling properties, while fresh Lemongrass is uplifting and stimulating.



At Ste Anne’s we grow, pick and distill many of our ingredients for our skin care line with a gorgeous copper still. All of our plants are organic, grown without pesticides and always with care. In the spring and summer mornings you can find our lovely gardeners outside before the sun rises, carefully picking the petals for distillation. The floral waters and essential oils in our products are high quality, and never diluted. We’re the real deal. So next time that you put on one of our products and melt into the beautiful scent, remember that you are melting away into the healing gardens at Ste Anne’s Spa.


Check out our very own Gardener's Collection of floral water, available for purchase in our boutique. Grown, harvested and created onsite, our floral waters come in rose, lavender, lemongrass and mint.