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Improve Your Wellbeing with Guided Meditation

Thursday, September 14, 2017

If you're new to meditation, the idea may conjure up images of Buddhist monks or new age hippies, but meditating doesn't have to be a religious experience, it takes various forms. For instance, a guided meditation is simple to follow and effective at easing many of our internal conflicts. Meditation can help to build patience, diffuse anger, build emotional intelligence, improve focus, boost creativity and induce a sense of calm.



Guided meditation is practiced simply by listening to a yoga or meditation teacher speaking. A person who wishes to follow the meditation needs only to find a comfortable position, sitting or lying down where they can relax free from distractions. The focus of the meditation could be almost anything; focusing on staying present (mindfulness), relaxation of mind/body/emotional self, manifestation, releasing negativity, affirmations to achieve goals, or guidance to work through a particular challenge. Your instructor may talk the entire time to prevent your mind from wandering, or there may be long periods of silence for reflection.


Everyone can benefit from following a guided meditation. Meditation is an integral part of corporate wellness and many successful CEOs and senior executives rely on it for balance in their lives and to help build resilience and enhance performance under stress. Anyone with a busy or challenging life can find solace in meditation. Scheduling time for yourself to practice non-doing and wakeful stillness is actually a productive thing to do.


With practice, meditation becomes easier and is a respite that you can look forward too. Ste. Anne's offers 30 minute guided meditations daily where you can rest comfortably and allow your cares to wash away.