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Mike & Tess' Spa Visit

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our guests come to Ste. Anne's Spa for a variety of reasons. Often times it's simply their first time wanting to try a spa and they choose Ste. Anne's. Other popular reasons include stress relief, romantic escapes or gatherings with friends. We also see a lot of repeat guests, for many, Ste. Anne's Spa has become a tradition, seen as their home away from home.


For these guests, some who have been coming for 20+ years, we receive frequent requests to make their stay extra special. In recent years we have added numerous ways in which you can expand your experience beyond your all-inclusive day or overnight stay. There are culinary experiences, equine classes or more standard romantic options like having flowers or chocolate covered strawberries waiting in your room upon arrival.


One such guest who has been coming to Ste. Anne's for many years and was just here in September is Michael Moffat. Michael contacted Jim and let him know about his upcoming stay and that he wanted to do something extra special, beyond our current offerings. Michael was coming with wife Tess, who was celebrating her 50th birthday.


In the days leading up to their visit, Michael purchased a Jeep for his wife. But this wasn't just any Jeep, for Tess it was special. Not that the Jeep was new, it wasn't, but it was the exact same type of Jeep she used to drive before she had to forgo it for their expanding family.


Rather than just giving her this surprise before they left for their visit, we decided it would be perfect to blend them together. Jim picked the Jeep up late the night before their visit and drove it up to where our angel is on the walking trails. Here the Jeep was well hidden, if you've ever walked our trails that far you'll know it's quite the hike, with the angel located on the top of a hill overlooking the rolling countryside. Before heading back to the inn, Jim left a bottle of champagne in the Jeep for the couple to share.


That next day, Michael and Tess arrived at Ste. Anne's Spa. After checking in, Michael took Tess on a hike of our trails which wind through our over 400 acre property. Luckily, there ended up being beautiful weather that day which is always perfect for a long hike. As they rounded the corner to the angel the Jeep was waiting for Tess, with balloons hanging from the windows. Tess was ecstatic with her gift, you can see the joy on her face in Michael's pictures below. Thanks for sharing your story with us Michael and look forward to seeing you and Tess again in the near future.