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Learn More About our Wellness Classes

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Here at Ste. Anne’s Spa we are well known for many things: our breathtaking gardens, our delectable cuisine, our luxurious accommodations and our incredible spa treatments, to name a few. But did you know that we also offer a full schedule of wellness classes that run 7 days a week? Our staff of well-trained yoga and meditation teachers are here to ensure that every guest has a positive and fulfilling experience when they join in on one of our many class offerings.

Currently on our schedule, those guests who are looking for a little bit more of a challenge may prefer our intermediate yoga class which is offered daily at 9am. Depending on the teacher and the day, participants may be guided through a flow-based yoga practice, or perhaps through a moderately challenging intermediate level hatha yoga class. Our instructors always offer options and modifications to ensure that all participants needs are met. Don’t be scared off by the name, “intermediate” simply assumes that you are mobile and ready to move your body freely!



If you are free at 10:15am, come and practice our regular, multi-leveled yoga class which is a touch slower paced, and focuses on breath work, stretching, strengthening, balancing and relaxing. All of our classes take place in our beautiful wellness room with 6-foot windows that reach the floor, gorgeous views and a quaint stone fireplace. This is truly a peaceful and invigorating class for mind, body and spirit, and is perfectly suitable for those with little, or no, yoga experience.


Most of us lead very busy lives, and many of us do not get as much movement as we really need in our day to day schedules. If your body is tight and stiff, or even if you already perform regular stretches, come and try one of our 45-minute full body stretch and relax classes! Our instructors will create length and mobility from head to toe and hopefully send you on your way with increased awareness of what is going on in your body, as well as some new ideas to incorporate into your stretch routine. Don’t forget to provide your instructor with your email address and she can send you a copy of some of the stretches to do on your own!


One of the best ways to stimulate digestion and promote circulation and cardiorespiratory health is by walking…and what better place than to walk the stunning trails at Ste. Anne’s! We have over 400 acres on our beautiful property, and although our trails are well-marked, why not consider signing up for our complimentary 1:15 guided hikes through the rolling hills! You will walk in good company and you will be given a tour of the property as well as some history. Depending on the weather and the interest of the group, walks may take place on one of our three marked trails, or perhaps over to our stables to meet our horses.


Generally, by the time the afternoon rolls around here at the spa, day-spa guests are feeling pretty chilled out, and our overnight guests are beginning to arrive. For that reason, we offer a 2:15 Gentle Yoga class that allows participants to relax in restorative and peaceful poses that promote stillness, ease and grounded-ness. This class generally stays pretty close to the mat, and instructors often incorporate bolsters and props to ensure that the experience is overall one of relaxation. This class is perfect for those who are looking for a chance to move gently and is ideal for participants of all ages and levels.


The last two classes of the day are the epitome of spa relaxation!!! Although the 3:30 class does have the word ‘yoga’ in it, Yoga Nidra actually is an opportunity to do nothing more than lay down supported on a comfy mat, with bolsters and blankets, and a lavender scented eye pillow to ensure you are THOROUGHLY relaxed. A dab of essential oil completes the set-up while your teacher guides you through a body scan, breathwork and visualization to take you to a place of utter repose and rejuvenation. The only rule in this class is “NO SNORING!”


Following Nidra, at 4:15, our guided meditation class also gives the guest a chance to lay back, relax and be led through a meditation that will quiet your busy brain and encourage the relaxation response in mind, body and soul. Perfect for those guests who claim that they “can never relax”, and they “don’t know how to meditate!” If you can lie down, listen to peaceful music and close your eyes then this class is for you!