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Experience Winter at Ste. Anne's Spa

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No matter where one stands politically, it's challenging not to feel consumed by all that is happening in the world. It's addictive to chase the latest news fix by reaching for a computer, phone, newspaper or television remote. The daily news cycle can unsettle us emotionally, deprive us of pleasures we usually enjoy and interfere with our ability to sleep. We all need a personal escape hatch. Think of Ste. Anne's Spa as yours.



The simple act of getting into a car or boarding a train to Ste. Anne's is comforting in itself. You'll begin to feel better even before you arrive. Once you get here, further comfort awaits. Instead of reaching for a cellphone to catch up on the news, our guests are more inclined to leave the world behind and curl up with an engrossing book in front of a wood-burning fireplace. Fireplaces are ubiquitous at Ste. Anne's, both private ones in rooms and cottages, and some that are shared.


There are many additional places to relax: in the sauna or eucalyptus steam room; over afternoon tea and treats in our dining room; on a cozy sofa in our main inn; at a yoga class; in the hot tub of our fieldstone grotto; or - if exercise is your preferred way to decompress - at our well-equipped fitness facility, Maison Santé.


The outdoor hot tub is particularly enjoyable in the brisk air of winter. There is a cold plunge pool nearby, offering you the opportunity to alternate between hot and cold. This shock treatment stimulates the blood, releases adrenaline and secretes serotonin - also known as "the happy hormone."



Some prefer the solitude of their own beautifully appointed room of their spa cottage. Cottage guests can choose to dine privately by requesting the services of a Ste. Anne's Chef.


Our spa is a place both to pamper yourself and be pampered, with a full range of choices from our extensive treatment menu. We're currently offering a special seasonal package that includes an ideal way to release tension from your body, a Eucalyptus Body Wrap.

Sometime in the coming months, we're planning to open a new wing with a new dining room and kitchen facilities, as well as additional treatment rooms. Later in the winter, we hope to launch an expanded outdoor area dedicated to hydrotherapy. We are excited about the current renovations at Ste. Anne's, all of which are focused on making your stay even better. When you see the results, we're confident that you will share our enthusiasm.

Winters are crisp and invigorating in the countryside and a blanket of snow covering the Northumberland Hills makes them oh so beautiful. We have gorgeous trails that are perfect for a nice winter walk or snowshoe. A simple stroll along the roadway is a pleasure here at any time of year.



Year-round, Ste. Anne's welcomes groups looking for a relaxed environment in which to host a team-building meeting, a brainstorming session or any kind of corporate gathering. It can be a half-day, a full-day or an overnight stay, and we have many options for meeting spaces, depending on your needs.


Our chef Jeffrey Wilfong knows that delicious food, well prepared, can be a great source of comfort too. His winter menu highlights seasonal ingredients, many from our own property, such as squash, winter greens and hearty beef dishes. There are always options for those seeking vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free meals. Ste. Anne's guests continue to enjoy our bring-your-own-wine option, so pack some Chablis for your fish, Syrah for your steak or a bubbly for breakfast.


Each day ends with a welcoming bed, where you can burrow under a puffy duvet and enjoy a peaceful night of sleep. Give yourself the gift of time... time to slip the weight of the world off your shoulders and cocoon in a place that is warm, welcoming and worry-free. Come. Join us at Ste. Anne's.