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1/2 HOUR $75


This spa treatment is safe to have during pregnancy. Please inform your spa therapist which trimester you are in so that they may accommodate you.


Essential oils are applied over the scalp, restoring balance while relieving the body and mind of stress through the benefits of flower and plant essences. This spa treatment is safe for pregnancy; please let your spa therapist know if you need extra pillows.


 Benefits• Calms sensitive skin, balances oily skin and moisturizes dry skin• Conditioning for skin and hair• Reduces scalp and facial tension from stress; stress relief• Aromatherapy benefits: calms, balances and/or energizes• Nurturing qualities of oils can help reduce loneliness, sadness or boredom and some are even helpful to suppress appetite (tangerine, cinnamon, rose, peppermint, vanilla)• Possible relief of headaches and sinus congestion   What to bring/prepare• You can come in just your robe, bathing suit, shorts, or with pant legs rolled up• A scent-free session is available (simply inform your spa technician)...................................Try this treatment if• You are looking for deep hydration of your scalp and hair...................................ProductsEssential Oils 


Read moreThis scalp and face massage will guide you into a deep state of nurturing and relaxation. Pure plant and flower extracts are combined with a base of unscented coconut oil. Choose the refreshing, sweetness of citrus, the soft honeyed scent of a rose – the "queen of essential oils," or the calming aroma of lavender which soothes and balances all skin types. Lying on your back under a warm blanket and on a heated table, your therapist will gently massage your face and scalp as well as thoroughly combing your hair with these wonderful extracts and oils. Pressure points on the scalp and face may be gently worked to relieve tension. Tenderly pulling your hair at the roots as well as "tapping" with fingertips and use of a paddle brush helps stimulate your scalp and increase energy flow to the area. Increased blood flow to the scalp helps the body remove toxins and receiving regular massage leads to a stronger immune system. The aromas you've chosen are derived from flowers, leaves, stems and roots and provide various aroma therapy effects. For example, vanilla's sweet powdery essence calms the senses and helps enhance a more meditative mood. Cinnamon and clove warms and invigorates. The mystical Ylang Ylang, Bergamot from Italy, or Rose are all believed to have anti-depressant qualities. You may be quite surprised to discover layers of stress being removed as your breathing slows down, deepens and becomes more regular. Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda, recommends that we get into the habit of exposing our body to the intelligence and beauty of nature – the Essential Oil Scalp Rejuvenation is one of many ways to explore this exciting reality. Upon completion of the treatment you are recommended to leave the oils in for at least 2 hours and up to 24 hours depending on how much conditioning you wish. By John Ireland, CST, RRPr, BA John Ireland began practicing as an Alternative Therapist at Ste. Anne's Spa in 2005. He graduated with Honors in Shiatsu Therapy from the Shiatsu School of Canada and is a Certified Shiatsu Therapist (CST) with the Shiastu Therapy Association of Ontario ( He studied Thai Massage with Pejman Ayoubzadeh at The Academy of Traditional Thai Massage and became a Registered Reflexology Practitioner (RRpr) through the Ontario College of Reflexology ( John also graduated from Trent University with a B.A. degree in Anthropology and Development Studies.