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3/4 HOUR $95


This spa treatment is safe to have during pregnancy. Please inform your spa therapist which trimester you are in so that they may accommodate you.


Begin your treatment with an exfoliation, nail shaping and cuticle work followed by a relaxing hand massage. A soothing hydrating masque is then applied to your hands and they are also wrapped in warm linens.


 Benefits• Increases circulation• Relaxes tired and sore muscles• Moisturizes and softens the skin...................................Avoid if• You have artificial nails or gel polish (Shellac)• You have any communicable illness• You have had recent surgery on your hands or arms   What to bring/prepare• Comfortable clothing that's loose and flexible• Removal of jewellery will make your treatment more comfortable...................................Try this treatment if• You have tired arms and hands...................................ProductsHydrating MaskDeep Hand HydrationEssential Oils 


Read moreThe Hand Therapy treatment that is offered at Ste. Anne’s Spa is a manicure without nail polish. Ste. Anne’s Spa offers the treatment this way in keeping with the holistic approach of the spa. The word manicure comes from the Latin word “manus”, which means hand, and “cure” which means care. So quite literally a manicure is something we do to care for our hands. Manicures are thought to have originated in Egypt during the Middle Ages. Nail painting was used to separate the classes among society; certain colours were reserved for royalty, whereas a slave could only where pastel shades. Also, the length of one’s nails was seen as a status symbol. It was important to have long, beautifully painted nails. Our hands are a vital part of our bodies, essential to most of the activities that we participate in on a daily basis. Although our hands play an important role in our everyday lives, they are often overlooked when it comes to skin care. It is especially crucial to make sure our hands receive extra tender loving care around this time of year when the weather is turning cold and the air is dry. The Hand Therapy offered at Ste. Anne’s Spa will do exactly that; giving your hard-working hands the boost they need to get you through the long winter months ahead. Your Hand Therapy treatment will begin with you lying on a heated bed wrapped in blankets, while your therapist lightly exfoliates your hands and arms. The therapist then files and shapes your nails to your desired length. Cuticle oil is applied next along with a warm towel to relax sore muscles and open the pores. Cuticle softener is applied before the therapist starts working on your cuticles. The cuticles will be pushed back and the excess trimmed away in order to keep the nails healthy and the skin beautiful. The therapist will then buff and shine your nails to keep them looking attractive. Lastly, a hand and arm massage is performed using Skin Nourishment Hand and Body Deep Hydration. This treatment lasts 45 minutes and is a great addition to any day at the spa. By Vanessa Shorey, BA, Esthetician Vanessa Shorey began practicing as an Esthetician at Ste. Anne’s Spa in 2007. She graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a B.A. degree in Psychology and then went on to study Esthetics at St. Lawrence College.