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[G] Gentle Activity  •  (P) Pregnancy Safe


The Ste. Anne's Spa meditation class carries your mind through a guided meditation enabling your mind and body to achieve a state of deep relaxation. As you lay down on your mat your instructor will provide you with a few drops of calming essential oil that you will place onto your temples and the back of your neck to help relax your muscles and senses. Next, you will be handed an eye pillow (scented with lavendar) which you will gently place over your eyes. As your body begins to relax your instructor will commence a guided visualization to help further relax your body and ease your mind.


 Range of motion required• From standing position be able to descend down onto the supplied mat and lay down• If you have any physical limitations that prevent you from the above, please notify your reservation agent at the time of booking, to ensure that your needs can be accommodated• (P) - Safe for pregnancy during the third trimester   What to bring/prepare• Comfortable clothing (you may also attend in your Ste. Anne's Spa robe)...................................Your class may feature• Eye pillows provided• Pillows provided• Calming essential oil• Mat provided• Blanket provided