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This spa treatment has been identified as a favourite among men.


This relaxing introduction to Ste. Anne's Skin Nourishment incorporates a facial massage that is  customized for men with a soothing aftershave finish.


 Benefits• Increases circulation• Relaxes tight muscles• Leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated• Increases knowledge of skin qualities• Provides insight into caring for the skin...................................Avoid if• You have pink eye• You have open sores or rash on face• You have any contagious skin conditions (ie. hives, chicken pox, shingles, etc.)• You currently have any communicable skin conditions• You want extractions   What to bring/prepare• It is best NOT to shave before having a facial as it can cause the skin to become more sensitive to products• Wear comfortable clothing• Remove any jewellery before starting your facial...................................Try this treatment if• You want to start taking better care of your skin• You have never had a facial and would like to experience one• You are not sure what products are right for you...................................ProductsDrench, Soothe or Clarify Mineral MaskDrench, Soothe or Clarify SerumHydrating LotionHydrating MaskCleansing Cream or Gel CleanserDay Cream or Firming Face CreamTonerGommageFoot CreamDeep Hand Hydration 

We would like to nurture your skin and body with a relaxing, holistic facial experience. Our facials are done without the use of machines, steam or painful manual extractions.


Read moreA man’s face takes a beating on a regular basis. From the harsh elements of the outdoors, to the effects of shaving, men do more damage to their skin than women, and spend less time caring for it. Some men may feel that skin care is more of a feminine affair or something that they don’t have time for. However, with a little extra effort they might be surprised at how easy it is to fit into their daily routine. Also, as the demand for men’s skin care products has increased in recent years, the supply available has increased as well, making it easier for men to choose a product line that is right for them. It is important that men begin to take a genuine interest in the health of their skin in order to protect and preserve it for the years to come. Booking a Men’s Express Facial at Ste. Anne’s Spa is a great way for every man to start learning the necessary steps needed to care for their skin. The Men’s Express Facial starts with a skin analysis performed by one of our skilled Estheticians. This skin analysis helps the guest to gain insight into the proper skin protocol needed to care for their skin. This is also a great time for any questions or concerns related to their skin care regime. Once the initial skin analysis is completed, the therapist will begin by cleansing the skin in order to remove any dirt, debris, or oil. Next, the Esthetician will use a toner to remove any leftover cleanser and to restore the pH balance of the guest’s skin. A liquid exfoliant is then used to dissolve the ‘glue’ that holds the dead skin cells together. The process of exfoliating helps remove the old surface layer of skin cells and allows the fresh, new cells to rise to the surface, creating a healthier, more radiant complexion! Next, a soothing facial massage is performed, to loosen up the sore muscles of the face and help the guest to relax. One of three masks is then applied to the face, depending on the guest's skin care needs. While the mask is on, the guest will be treated to their choice of either a hand and arm massage or a foot and leg massage. After the Esthetician removes the mask with a warmed towel, a toner will again be applied. Lastly, a moisturizer will be put onto the skin to ensure proper hydration. This treatment ends with the application of Honey House Natural Peppermint Lip Butter. Our guests should emerge from this 45 minute treatment feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and hopefully with enough knowledge of their own skin to continue caring for it at home. By Vanessa Shorey, BA, Esthetician Vanessa Shorey began practicing as an Esthetician at Ste. Anne’s Spa in 2007. She graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a B.A. degree in Psychology and then went on to study Esthetics at St. Lawrence College.