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Seasonal Spa Treatment ~ 3/4 HOUR $110

Do you enjoy coffee? Would you just die for chocolate? Back by popular demand, Ste. Anne's very own soul warming Mocha Fusion. When used in aromatherapy, coffee has an unrivalled ability to calm the mind and renew your spirit. Its coarse texture works as a natural exfoliant to reveal your softer, more supple skin.


Your coffee filled spa experience begins with an exfoliating mocha body scrub that detoxifies and nourishes your skin, as it stimulates and regenerates you from head to toe. Next, step into a comforting warm shower to rinse away the exfoliant and feel your mind begin to clear as the true healing benefits of coffee begin to surface. Finally, feel your cares melt away during a full body application of our coffee infused body butter. This unique spa treatment will leave you relaxed and your spirit uplifted - you might even want a refill!


 Benefits:Coffee Grounds/Essential oil: • Exfoliates the dead corneal layer of the skin, leaving the skin rejuvenated and soft • Encourages the circulation to come to the surface of the skin • Caffeine in the coffee grounds helps to redistribute fat cells and decreases the formation of cellulite • Caffeine acts as a vascular restrictor, which shrinks blood vessels and can help to reduce varicose veins• Coffee in relation to aromatherapy can be used to clear the mind, awaken the senses and be used as an anti-depressant Coconut Oil:• Antioxidant properties fight damaging free radicals in the skin by penetrating the skin and creating a protective barrier against them Shea Butter:• Penetrates deep into the skin to help restore elasticity and nourishes with Vitamins A, E and F• Vitamins A and E balances and normalizes the skin• Help keep skin clear and healthy, and is particularly beneficial for dry or sun-exposed skin• Vitamin F acts as a skin protector and rejuvenator• Protects the skin from both environmental and free-radical damage...................................Avoid if:• You are pregnant• You have a sunburn or open skin lesion• You have uncontrolled high blood pressure• You have heart disease, diabetes or deep vein thrombosis (blood clots)   What to bring/prepare:• You will want to wear your robe to the treatment• Please remove all jewellery and bring a hair tie for long hair• No clothing is preferable during the treatment because of the water and product used, but draping is used and privacy is respected...................................Try this treatment if:• You love the smell of coffee• You enjoy the healing effects of water• You are in need of shedding dead skin cells that leave your skin dry and dull looking


Terms & Conditions:

This seasonal treatment is available for a limited time only, and will be offered at Ste. Anne's Spa from September 1-30, 2019.