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“I have chosen this beautiful garden

where I will send many people to be healed.”

- prophecy given to Ste. Anne's Spa by Jay Rawlings


The prophecy written above has guided Jim Corcoran in the operation of Ste. Anne’s Spa since 1985. Now these same words play a key role in the development of our own body care product line - Ste. Anne’s Skin Nourishment.


Ste. Anne’s Skin Nourishment was birthed out of a desire to extend the Ste. Anne’s Spa healing experience beyond our guests visit. The vision for the line was cast more than 10 years ago. Active development of Ste. Anne’s Skin Nourishment began in the Spring of 2009 when a small team from Ste. Anne’s Spa began working with one of Canada’s most accomplished herbalists and a small Canadian manufacturer in Waterloo, Ontario, to see if they could bring the dream to fruition.


Ste. Anne's wanted to produce a quality, ‘holistically-based’, simple skin-care line for the face, body and hair that cleansed, maintained, nourished, and improved the state of the skin with regular use.


With a focus on natural, indigenous ingredients and botanical actives instead of synthetics, Ste. Anne’s Skin Nourishment approaches skin care with a more holistic approach to healing and nourishing the skin. In a world where cosmetic companies focus on the exotic, Ste. Anne's deliberately chose underutilized, indigenous ingredients to define both the actives and aromas of this home-grown product.


We have chosen to manufacture Ste. Anne's Skin Nourishment in small quantities to ensure you are enjoying as fresh a product as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or comments in regards to your 'Skin Nourishment' Experience.


The Ste. Annes Skin Nourishment line is manufactured without the use of petrochemicals, sulfates, PEGs/PPGs, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or synthetic preservatives. We have also avoided overly processed ingredients.


You're invited to come and enjoy the complete Ste. Anne's Skin Nourishment Hair, Body and Face Care Line when you visit our spa. Ste. Anne's Skin Nourishment is featured in all of the dispensers around the facility and is used in many of our treatments. The line is available for purchase in our retail boutique and right here on-line.

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