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1/2 HOUR $75 ~ 1 HOUR $130 ~ 1-1/2 HOUR $190


Please note this treatment is not eligible for a RMT receipt.


This spa treatment is safe to have during pregnancy. Please inform your spa therapist which trimester you are in so that they may accommodate you.


Your therapist will prepare a customized blend of pure flower and plant essences best suited to your needs. The oils will then be gently applied to your body using very light touch to allow absorption into the skin.


 Benefits• Relaxes and soothes the body• Oils chosen can help to bring balance to body• Oils are very conditioning for skin• Stimulates lymphatic and circulatory system• Helps body to remove toxins...................................Avoid if• You have unmedicated high blood pressure, hemophilia or an infectious disease• You are taking antibiotics for an infection, as the increase in circulation can spread any infection• You are taking blood thinners   What to bring/prepare• You will want to wear your robe to the treatment• Please remove all jewellery and bring a hair tie for long hair...................................Try this treatment if• You are searching for a relaxing massage...................................ProductsDeep Hand HydrationFoot CreamHydrating LotionEssential Oils 


Read moreAre you feeling over-worked and tired? Is your body craving a little relaxation? Why not try a Pure Aroma Massage offered at Ste. Anne's Spa. The Pure Aroma Massage is a relaxation massage designed to ease stress, relieve tension and rejuvenate the spirit. In China, massage techniques date back to 2700 BCE, where they were developed through a combination of Chinese medicine, martial arts, spiritual yoga and relaxation massage. The massage methods are based on the theory that disease and illness are caused by an imbalance of energy within the zones and meridians of the body. These energy pathways correspond to physiological systems in the body, which function together in order to keep the body in a state of homeostasis. When you have a relaxation massage, the systems in your body, particularly the circulatory and nervous systems, begin to relax and can therefore perform their functions more naturally. If you are a person who prefers a massage with light to medium/moderate pressure, the Pure Aroma Massage would be an excellent treatment to enjoy during your time at Ste. Anne's Spa. The Pure Aroma Massage is offered in 30, 60 or 90 minute increments to satisfy all needs. After you have chosen your desired treatment length, your Pure Aroma Massage begins with a Sensory Journey. The Sensory Journey is meant to free the mind and allow the body to be the guide. Using multiple essential oils, the therapist will instruct you to close your eyes and breathe in each scent individually. After all scents are experienced, you may choose one or multiple essential oils to combine into your own blend to be used throughout your massage.  In the 30 minute Pure Aroma Massage, your therapist can focus on a few areas, concentrating the time on tight or aching muscle groups. The 60 and 90 minute Pure Aroma Massage is more of a full body massage, using the time at hand to relax the entire body and relieve tension in all areas. The essential oils paired with the relaxing massage techniques assist the body, mind and spirit in relieving stress, which in turn, helps you to function at a higher level. By Vanessa Shorey, BA, Esthetician Vanessa Shorey began practicing as an Esthetician at Ste. Anne’s Spa in 2007. She graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a B.A. degree in Psychology and then went on to study Esthetics at St. Lawrence College.