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WHAT TO EXPECT FROM ste. anne's spa



Let down your hair, slip into a robe and leave your troubles at the door. A visit to Ste. Anne’s is a chance to relax and heal in a warm, friendly and embracing environment. From the moment you walk in the front entrance you will see that we are different than other spas. At Ste. Anne’s we don’t dissuade laughter and conversation – we encourage it. Our aim is to provide a caring, family-like atmosphere where there is no pretentiousness – where you’re encouraged to stay all day in your bath robe, embrace your spa hair and to just be yourself. Because when you visit Ste. Anne’s you’re more than just a guest, you’re a member of our spa family.


What You Can Expect

Expect a casual and rustic atmosphere.

Expect genuine and caring country staff.

Expect a relaxing and laid back country setting.

Expect a place to kick back in your robe and your spa hair, and simply let go.

Expect a low pressure and easy going atmosphere – no pressure to tip or buy products.

Expect simple, country cuisine – wholesome and healthful, but not fancy and pretentious.

Expect eclectic country accommodations that are unique and warm.

Expect to bring your own wine or liquor – no corkage fees!

Expect an attentive and caring attitude from all that you meet.

Expect pre-booked meals, classes and spa services so that you don’t have to worry about planning, we take care of all of the details.

Expect humans taking care of other humans… if we make a mistake, we want to know about it and we will do everything that we can to fix it.

Expect our fitness centre to be equipped with all the essentials required to stay in shape while you are here.

Expect that some of our facilities are located away from the main inn, but don't worry, shuttles are always available.

Expect an opportunity to slow down and detach from the stress in your life (and your phone) and invest in your wellbeing.

Expect to see some animals and insects. We are in the country folks!


What Not To Expect

Do not expect luxurious facilities or accommodations. The atmosphere here is more like you are being welcomed into a friend's casual country home.

Do not expect pretentious or hollow staff.

Do not expect an overly formal culinary experience – neither food nor service. We offer simple country cuisine delivered by genuine people.

Do not expect a sterile environment free of discussion, or laughter. Although our setting is beautiful and serene, and we encourage our guests to be respectful, we do not ask our guests to remain in silence.

Do not expect marble, gold or steel. We are not a sterile city hotel. We are a humble country property that excels at getting people into a relaxed state through the beauty of the property, the simplicity of the offering and the genuineness of our staff.

Do not expect Ste. Anne’s Spa from 10 years ago. We are a popular destination so you will see plenty of other guests here. We try to offer as many lounge areas and private little nooks (remember we are on 400 acres), so that guests can find a little solitude if they need it.

Do not expect paid parking or a doorman. We are in the country, so you will find us down a winding gravel country road and parking lot. If you need porter service though, all you need to do is ask at the front desk!

Do not expect a dress code. Your uniform for most of the day is your robe. Otherwise, something very casual will do - remember, you are at our simple country home.

Do not expect to have to carry money with you, we are all-inclusive and there is no tipping needed.

Do not expect to see cookie cutter accommodations or facilities. Every room and facility is unique in its amenities and appearance. Some are renovated homes, others built specifically for that purpose.