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[G] Gentle Activity


The Ste. Anne's Spa yoga classes incorporate various yoga poses and relaxation techniques. Some benefits may include stress and tension reduction, increased flexibility and union of the mind, body and spirit.



A multi-leveled Yoga class that is suitable to both the beginner, as well as the more experienced participant. Our instructors will offer options and modifications to ensure that everyone will have their needs met. This restful and invigorating class will focus on basic yoga postures, breath work and meditation.



Our afternoon Gentle Yoga class offers guests an opportunity to experience a practice that is both slow and peaceful. This class focuses on restorative and healing postures, as well as meditation and breathwork. This class is suitable to all levels of participants and is ideal for those who are looking for a gentle and relaxing experience.



This yoga class is designed for those participants who have a basic understanding of yoga postures and/or full mobility in their bodies. This class will include more challenging options and a vinyasa or flow sequence which will elevate your heart rate, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and calm.


 Range of motion required• If you have any physical limitations, please notify your reservation agent at the time of booking to ensure that this group wellness class is appropriate for you...................................Avoid if• You are recovering from major surgery• You have any severe joint injuries• You are in the first trimester of pregnancy and did not regularly stretch prior to your pregnancy• You are experiencing any swelling or radiating pain  What to bring/prepare• Water bottle• Comfortable workout clothing• Bathing suit attire is not appropriate for any group wellness class...................................Your class may feature• Standing poses• Seated poses• Yoga mats provided• Yoga straps and/or blocks