Ste. Anne's Spa Bakery specializes in freshly prepared, Facility Hours8:00 AM - 7:00 PM daily...................................Location1 km south-east of the Main Inn252 Academy Hill Rd., GraftonJust 10 minutes east of Cobourg...................................Contact1.888.839.1935
or 905.349.2104
gluten-free baked goods. Whether popping by during your visit, or on the way back home, this cozy bakery and café features a wide selection of cookies, cakes, frozen desserts, breads, jams, chocolates and fruit butters made from products found on the Ste. Anne’s property. Make sure you try our tarts as we've recently been added to Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart Tour.  In addition to our everyday options, Ste. Anne's Bakery offers custom cakes, cupcakes, breads, pies and more with just 72 hours of notice. The bakery serves organic, locally roasted coffee and specialty teas, as well as quiche made with a gluten-free crust, fresh salads and a variety of wraps and sandwiches.


You’ll also find unique gift ideas and products from local farms such as cheese, soap and handcrafted cutting boards using local and exotic salvaged lumber. We’ve made it easy to bring a piece of the Ste. Anne’s experience home with prepared meals like our Ste. Anne’s lasagna or our burgers prepared with cattle raised on the Ste. Anne’s property. The bakery also showcases local fare such as naturally raised chicken, pork and beef free of hormones and antibiotics.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC & 100% GLUTEN-FREE 1.888.839.1935

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