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Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

"Beauty is only skin deep” – or so you thought. Like everything in life, it’s a little more complicated than that. Beauty, health and great skin comes from a much deeper place. We all know that confidence and a smile is the most beautiful thing a person can wear, but from a biological level, beautiful skin (and hair!) comes from both internal and external care.


Our bodies are one big working machine, and the skin is its first line of defense. Let’s not forget that it’s also the biggest organ of the body, so treat and feed it well. While great skin care products go a very long way and have benefits on a sub-dermal level, what you put into your body is going to fuel the beauty cells before they even make their way up to a place that skin care products can reach. Of course a healthier, balanced diet is going to be beneficial for the whole body, but it can have a dramatic effect on your skin.



Let’s start with the easy things, like water. Hydration is basically the best thing for your body. It helps curb hunger cravings, as well as plumps up your skin and keeps you glowing. Most skin issues have something to do with dehydration, so don’t skimp out on your water intake. Coffee doesn’t count as a glass of water, even though it seems to go down easier.


Next, look in the mirror and ask yourself “what is my skin telling me"?


Inflammation, redness and angry looking breakouts:


Your skin is telling you that you have too much heat. Cut back on the acidic, fried and spicy foods. Even something healthy like tomatoes or citrus can increase your internal temperature and cause those skin conditions to worsen. Instead, combat that heat and inflammation with water-rich foods, cooling drinks like cucumber or coconut water.


Dry, dull and bumpy skin:


Make sure you are regular - like probiotic yogurt commercials kind of regular. You should also increase your healthy fats and omegas. You’d be surprised what a good oil supplement, water and avocado can do for your skin.


Forever oily and shiny:


You should be increasing water intake and cutting back on fats, sauces and heavy foods. Keep it light and think fresh foods and minimal sugar.



Fueling your body the right way will make you feel amazing and bring back your confident smile. Eat balanced meals, hydrate and keep yourself moving throughout the day and you’ll feel energized and alive. Pair all these tips with a skin regime that works for you, and you’ll see that beauty is so much more than skin deep.