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Bugs Be Gone!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summertime is time for patios, laughter, swimming, camping and fun in the sun! Unfortunately, it is also time for mosquitoes, black flies and other annoying bugs - especially with all of the rain we've gotten this year. With all the chemicals out there and concerns for your health and the environment, it's hard to know what safe options you have when it comes to bugs.


Many bug repellents on the market contain N,N-Diethyl-meta-toulamide, or DEET for short, which is not only terrible for the environment, but can also have long-term health effects on the human body. Plus, the other filler ingredients that we can't pronounce are not doing great things for you either. Studies have shown that DEET may cause memory loss, headaches, neuron damage, weakness and muscle pains. Why risk it when there are safe, easy and inexpensive ways to get the same results at home?



It's surprisingly easy to make your own bug repellents at home. If you're camping or having a bonfire, throw some sage on the fire. The sage smoke keeps bugs away. Many essential oils work great as bug repellents as well, such as eucalyptus, citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender and mint. You can use any of these essential oils with witch hazel, distilled water and a splash of vodka or rubbing alcohol to make a quick and effective bug spray for your skin!



Of course there are always a few mosquitoes that seem to be resistant to everything and sneak up on you. Have no fear, we have the cure for the after bite itch - natural acne products to the rescue! The same way that these products, such as our Clarify Serum and Clarify Mineral Mask, draw out oil and impurities in breakouts, they draw out the itch and 'venom' from mosquito and black fly bites. Simply dot some serum or mask on the bite and feel the relief almost immediately. Do this twice a day and the bite (or your breakout) will be gone in no time.


Fight back against the irritating, buzzing bugs and get back to enjoying every moment of summer while being gentle to both your body and the beautiful earth!