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3/4 HOUR $100


Please note this treatment is not eligible for a RMT receipt.

This tropical treatment combines two of nature's most soothing summertime fruits, the lime and the coconut. The essential oil of lime is a key element in this spa treatment as it's well known for its ability to rejuvenate the skin and to protect it from infection, due to a high presence of Vitamin C and flavanoids. Virgin coconut oil is integrated for its soothing properties and ability to promote healing by expediting the repair of damaged cells and tissues. Ste. Anne's Coconut Breeze treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation for your entire body using exfoliating gloves and the essential oil of lime. This exfoliation will remove dead cells and increase your body's circulation. Next, step into a warm shower to cleanse your skin and revive your spirit. For your finale, experience a relaxation massage using our heavenly homemade lime and coconut body butter – emerge from your treatment smelling like an exotic cocktail from Fiji! Everyone will want to know where you've been.


 Benefits:Lime Essential Oil• Cleanses, purifies and renews the spirit& the mind• Rejuvenates the skin, protects itfrom infection, and reduces body odourdue to a presence of a large amount of Vitamin C and flavanoids Virgin Coconut Oil• Antioxidant properties fight damagingfree radicals in the skin by penetratingthe skin and creating a protectivebarrier against them• Promotes healing• Expedites the repair of damaged cells...................................Avoid if:• You are pregnant• You have a sunburn or open skin lesion• You have uncontrolled high blood pressure• You have heart disease, diabetes or deep vein thrombosis (blood clots)   What to bring/prepare:• You will want to wear your robeto the treatment• Please remove all jewellery and bringa hair tie for long hair• No clothing is preferable during the treatment because of the water and product used, but draping is used and privacy is respected...................................Try this treatment if:• You enjoy the healing effects of water• You're in need of shedding deadskin cells that leave your skin dryand dull looking