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Seasonal Spa Treatment ~ 1 HOUR $150


Experience the Aromatherapy benefits of chocolate while hydrating your skin with this full body treatment. The treatment will begin with a peppermint and hot chocolate foot soak, your body will then be exfoliated and a masque of moor mud and cocoa will be gently applied. While wrapped in warm linens, you will experience a vanilla mint face, scalp and foot massage. A hot chocolate drink will complete the experience.


 Benefits:• Conditions and moisturizes the skin and eliminates impurities• Increases circulation and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth• Exfoliation and detoxification
• Softens skin and helps with skin conditions
• Lactic acid from the milk in footbath gently exfoliates
• Scent from 100% pure dark chocolate helps to release endorphins into our system; endorphins act as natural analgesics for our bodies
...................................Avoid if:• You are pregnant• You have uncontrolled high blood pressure• You have allergies to the product used
• You have low blood pressure
• You are claustrophobic
 What to bring/prepare:• You will want to wear your robe to the treatment• Please remove all jewellery and bring a hair tie for long hair...................................Try this treatment if:• You would like increased circulation• You want exfoliated skin• You desire smooth skin


Terms & Conditions:

This seasonal treatment is available for a limited time only, and will be offered at Ste. Anne's Spa from February 1, 2019 - March 31, 2019.