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OUR CHEFS Reflect on Spa Cuisine...


"We believe that deprivation only discourages. With that in mind, we tempt our guests with well-balanced, beautifully presented meals that please the eye as well as the palate. We use the freshest ingredients available enhancing flavours with simple herbs and reductions instead of overly rich sauces. We are constantly aware of our responsibility to provide delicious food that our guests can savour without a sense of guilt or overindulgence. So much of life is rushed and hectic. We encourage our guests to linger over a meal with friends or family and to communicate through the universal language of food, it's good for the soul."


(Ve)  vegan       (V)  vegetarian       (GF) gluten-free       (DF)  dairy-free

Many menu items can be modified to be gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan

 BreakfastAsk your server for the choice of toast: five seed, house bread, marble, rye, gluten-free cinnamon, gluten-free herb and cheddar, vegan bread, english muffin, gluten-free english muffin CONTINENTAL BREAKFASTdaily muffin, fresh bakery breads, yogurt and fruit YOGURT GRANOLA PARFAIT (V) (GF)fresh fruit, maple yogurt and Ste. Anne’s granola SMOOTHIE OF THE DAY (V) (GF)freshly made, ask your server for the daily feature THE HEALTHY START (V) (GF)two poached eggs, fresh fruit salad, yogurt and granola OMELET (GF)served with fingerling potatoes and a fresh fruit salad, choose from our assorted fillings:ham, sausage, bacon, smoked salmon, onions, pepper, tofu, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, goat cheese, feta, cheddar cheese VEGAN CUBAN BREAKFAST (Ve) (GF) (DF)seasoned black beans and rice, hard tofu crumbles, avocado, chopped greens and vegan spinach-jalepeño pesto COUNTRY BEEF HASH (GF)two soft poached eggs on ste. anne’s braised beef, sautéed garden vegetables, house potatoes, and mushrooms topped with chipotle hollandaise COUNTRY GARDEN HASH (V) (GF) (DF)two soft poached eggs on sautéed garden vegetables, house potatoes, and mushrooms topped with cashew hollandaise STE. ANNE'S STEAK & EGGS (GF) (DF)two eggs (served your way), twenty-eight day aged salisbury steak, house potatoes, and smoked tomato soffritto STE. ANNE'S STARTER (GF) (DF)two eggs (served your way), roasted fingerling potatoes, fresh fruit, and your choice of bacon, maple sausage or peameal THE GARDEN STARTER (Ve) (GF) (DF)vegan bacon, scrambled tofu, roasted fingerling potatoes and a fresh fruit salad CLASSIC BENEDICTtwo poached eggs, english muffin, hollandaise, peameal bacon, roasted fingerling potatoes, and a fresh fruit salad ATLANTIC BENEDICTtwo poached eggs, smoked salmon, spinach, english muffin, caper hollandaise, roasted fingerling potatoes, and fresh fruit salad CRÈME BRÛLÉE FRENCH TOAST (V)vanilla custard soaked french baguette, coconut cream, and caramelized apples ALMOND MILK BLUEBERRY PANCAKES (Ve) (GF) (DF)blueberry compote, whipped coconut cream, served with maple syrupLunchstarters SEASONALLY INSPIRED SOUP (GF)a culinary inspiration of garden fresh ingredients MEDITERRANEAN PLATTER (V) (GF)hummus, roasted red pepper dip, olives, lentils, and tzatziki served with chickpea crisps BLISTERED SHISHITO PEPPERS (V) (GF)cilantro yogurt with fresh arugula and maldon salt CAESAR SALAD (GF)romaine lettuce in a light roasted garlic vinaigrette with crisp bacon and shaved parmesan CUCUMBER WRAPPED GREENS (Ve) (GF)mixed greens, frisée, candied pecans, heirloom tomatoes, edible  flowers, and purple grapes wrapped in a cucumber with an orange blossom vinaigrette STE. ANNE'S HOUSE CHARCUTERIE (GF)house cured, smoked meats with homemade chutney, pickle and mustard SMOKED SALMON QUICHEpickled red onion, blistered tomato arugula with a citrus aioli entréessandwiches served with daily soup or house salad STE. ANNE'S BEEF SANDWICHfeatured beef sandwich of the day ROASTED MISO SALMON (GF)Ste. Anne's purple potato, pickled ontario plums on charred chili broccoli and kale with sour cream STE. ANNE'S TRATTORIAfeatured pasta dishes showcasing best of season vegetables, sauces and fresh herbs ULTIMATE 8oz PRIME STE. ANNE'S BEEF BURGERlocal aged cheddar, dill pickles, sliced onion, lettuce, tomato, and horseradish chive aioli on a brioche kaiser HERB TAPANADE QUINOA BURGER (V)can be made gluten-free with signature bakery itemssweet pan seared vegan lentil patty, grilled garlic dijon brushed bun, lemon olive oil avocado, carrot curls, red onion, tomato & Boston lettuce MEDITERRANEAN BUDDHA BOWL (Ve) (GF)can be served with chicken, beef or shrimpherb quinoa with garlic black bean and pepper sauté, sweet potato guacamole, pico de gallo, crunchy organic soy beans and fresh beet spirals. LAVENDER POACHED PEAR (V)can be gluten-freepecan crumble, bitter greens, ontario blue cheese,balsamic onions, grilled focaccia, Ste Anne's hot sauce SALT ROASTED BACO NOIR BEETS (V)citrus blue barley, belgian endive, arugula with tahini dressed apples and fresh grated horseradish. STE. ANNE'S SIGNATURE VLT (Ve) (GF) (DF)our in-house vegan bacon with fresh greens, avocado, sprouts and tomato served with citrus aioli on our fresh bakery breadAfternoon TeaWe offer a variety of tiny tastes with which you can enjoy in accompaniment of your tea. We have assembled three tasting menus designed to cater to our most popular choices. Any requirements for allergies are easily and happily fulfilled. samplerSANDWICH PLATE• tortière tart topped with savoury jam• tamari glazed steamed carrot bun• cucumber and dill cream cheese sandwich CHEESE & CRACKERS (V)• duo of cheeses• crostini• fresh fruit• best of season crudité SWEETS (V)• seasonal almond macaron• sesame butter cookie• walnut cocoa truffle• freshly baked cranberry scone gluten-free samplerSANDWICH PLATE (GF)• tortière tart topped with savoury jam• carrot and sesame filled mushroom• cucumber and dill cream cheese sandwich CHEESE & CRACKERS (V) (GF)• duo of cheeses• five seed crostini• fresh fruit• best of season crudité SWEETS (Ve) (GF)• seasonal almond macaron• sesame butter cookie• walnut cocoa truffle• freshly baked blueberry scone vegan sampler SANDWICH PLATE (Ve) (DF)• mushroom duxelle with savoury jam• tamari glazed steamed carrot bun• cucumber sandwich CHEESE & CRACKERS (Ve) (DF)• vegan cheese• crostini• fresh fruit• best of season crudité SWEETS (Ve) (GF) (DF)• vegan oat bar• vegan cookie• walnut cocoa truffle• freshly baked blueberry sconeDinneramuse-boucheyour dinner will begin with an amuse-bouche appetizers CHEF INSPIRED DAILY SOUPask your server for today's creation SIGNATURE CAESAR SALADromaine lettuce, roasted garlic aioli, quail egg, bacon, lentils du puy, anchovy, ciabatta crostini, and crisp grana padano cheese STE. ANNE’S FORAGE SALAD (Ve) (GF) (DF)ste. anne’s pickled and seasonal vegetables, with rhubarb dressing on a bed of mint and cashew soil HARVEST SALAD (V)farro and radicchio sautéed with summer peas, toasted almonds, shaved local cheese, and lemon vinaigrette SMOKED DUCK SALAD (GF) (DF)house cured duck breast sliced over a salad of bitter greens, toasted hazelnuts and sliced grapes BEEF CARPACCIOste. anne’s beef carpaccio, micro green salad, fresh parmesan, crostini and caper berries CHARCUTERIE BOARD (GF)cured meat, grainy dijon, vegetable pickle, fruit chutney, fennel seed cashews, and chickpea crisps entrées HEIRLOOM GRAIN RISOTTO (Ve)seared king enoki, savoury lemon apple tahini sauce, raisin walnut crumble, local mushroom sauté, truffle dust HOMEMADE GNOCCHI (V) (GF)seared pasta dumplings tossed in a herb brown butter and garnished with peppers, broccoli, hazelnuts, and local feta PAPPARDELLE PASTA (V) (DF)marinated eggplant, roasted peppers, and heirloom tomatoes in a garlic olive oil and fresh herb sauce DUCK CONFIT (GF) (DF)tender whole leg with crisp skin, duck fat seared potato, garlic and white wine wilted greens, finished with bone broth reduction MOROCCAN CORNISH HEN (GF) (DF)lemon marinated and pan seared with turmeric spiced cauliflower rice, harissa roasted red pepper sauce finished with chermoula spinach puree SWEET CHILI AND SESAME SALMON FILET (GF) (DF)sesame crusted sweet chili wild pacific salmon filet on a bed of chilled edamame, rice vermicelli and summer vegetable noodles tossed in a tamari lime herb vinaigrette MAPLE THYME PORK BELLY (GF) (DF)confit pork belly basted with maple and thyme, served with potato rosti, finished with pickled mustard seed caviar. STE. ANNE'S BEEF FEATUREplease ask your server for today's cut