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OUR CHEF'S Reflect on Spa Cuisine...


"We believe that deprivation only discourages. With that in mind, we tempt our guests with well-balanced, beautifully presented meals that please the eye as well as the palate. We use the freshest ingredients available enhancing flavours with simple herbs and reductions instead of overly rich sauces. We are constantly aware of our responsibility to provide delicious food that our guests can savour without a sense of guilt or overindulgence. So much of life is rushed and hectic. We encourage our guests to linger over a meal with friends or family and to communicate through the universal language of food, it's good for the soul."


 V  vegetarian           GF  gluten-free           DF  diary-free

 Breakfasteggs TRADITIONAL BENEDICTpoached eggs, peameal, hollandaise, celery root and potato hash browns VEGETABLE BENEDICT    V  GFpoached eggs, oven dried tomato, kale, spinach, shallots, hollandaise, celery root and potato hash browns BRAISED BEEF HASH    GFpoached eggs, pan fried hash browns with braised beef, red onions, peppers, black beans, arugula and spicy hollandaise STE. ANNE’S OMELET (egg white available)    GFtwo eggs, peameal, mushrooms, shallots, aged cheddar, celery root and potato hash browns served with your choice of toast VEGETARIAN FRITTATA (egg white available)    V  GFtwo eggs, peppers, shallots, mushrooms, spinach, aged cheddar, celery root and potato hash browns served with your choice of toast sweet & spa inspired BLUEBERRY PANCAKES    GFalmond milk batter, candied pecan, maple butter with your choice of peameal, smoked bacon or beef chorizo sausage QUINOA BOWL    V  GF  DFblueberry compote, almond milk, hemp hearts and fresh mixed berries with a side of apple syrup YOGHURT & GRANOLA PARFAIT    V  GFhouse made granola, ste. anne’s yoghurt and seasonal fruit COLD SMOKE SALMON BAGELmultigrain bagel, cream cheese, smoked salmon and arugula DAILY MUFFIN    V  GFwhipped butter classic breakfast TWO EGGS PLUS...two eggs (any style), pan fried hash browns, fruit cup and a choice of peameal, smoked bacon or beef chorizo sausage add your choice of toast to any selection:in-house almond bread, rye bread,or ste. anne’s five seed breadLunchstarters SOUP OF THE DAYyour server will be pleased to inform you on the culinary creation STE. ANNE’S APPLE SALAD    GF  DFcandied almonds, sliced strawberries and local goat cheese with apple ginger vinaigrette STE. ANNE’S SIGNATURE CAESAR SALAD    GFfresh cut romaine hearts, roasted garlic aioli, crisp pancetta, croutons and parmesan tuile BEET TRIO, ARUGULA & FRISEE SALAD    GF  DFnon-dairy cheese, grapefruit fillets and red radish with peach vinaigrette VEGGIES & DIPsundried tomato, roasted garlic and feta with grilled flatbread and garden crudités SMOKED LYNNWOOD TROUT DIPserved with crostinis and crackers sandwiches & wraps PRESSED PULLED BBQ BEEF SANDWICHcaramelized onion, creamy slaw, smoked local cheddar cheese on Ste. Anne’s house bread VEGETARIAN GRILLED MEDITERRANEAN CLUB WRAP    DFgrilled eggplant, roasted sweet peppers, tempeh, tomato, arugula and herbed goat cheese with greek olive tapenade, served in a tortilla wrap, garnished with a fruit skewer and yoghurt BLACK & BLEU CHICKEN WRAPspicy blackened chicken, onion jam, avocado, garden fresh greens, served in a whole wheat wrap with local veined cheese dip ULTIMATE 8 OZ. PRIME STE. ANNE’S BEEF BURGERlocal aged cheddar, dill pickles, onion, lettuce, tomato & horseradish chive aioli on a brioche kaiser entrées GOURMET CRÊPESwild mushroom, asparagus, spinach and goat cheese with truffle scented cream sauce and slaw SKILLET SEARED SALMON SUPREME    GF  DFsalsa verde, sautéed artichokes, french beans, mushrooms, apricots and fingerling potatoes DRIED CRANBERRY GOAT CHEESE QUINOA PILAF    GF  DFcurried sweet potato mash, sautéed shiitake mushrooms and wilted spinach LINGUINI PASTA    DFgarlic, oven dried tomatoes, oregano, diced tomato, kalamata olives, baby spinach and goat cheese SPICY ASIAN BEEF STIR FRY    GF  DFSte. Anne’s slow roasted beef with fresh garden vegetables on a bed of steamed rice or noodlesAfternoon TeaAlthough our menu has been created for simplicity, please feel free to choose your favourite items and we will create a special plate for you! OUR SIGNATURE SCONES (add to your plate)• strawberry jam and devon-style cream SAVOURY SANDWICH PLATE (one of each item)• slow roasted beef on a baguette• pan seared breast of chicken• roasted vegetable and watercress goat cheese pinwheel• smoked salmon and avocado finger sandwich HOUSE-MADE SWEETS (one of each item)• white and dark chocolate mousse cones•  french macaroon and pâte de fruit•  lemon custard shortbread•  mini strawberry cupcake GOURMET CHEESE PLATE (add to your plate)• assorted imported and domestic cheese• fruit skewer and crudités• artisan crustinivegetarian selections FINGER SANDWICHES (pick and choose)• scrambled tofu and mustard cress• artichoke with red pepper, sundried tomato and goat cheese• lemon and thyme tahini with cucumber• roasted tomato and sunflower seed pesto• avocado chili mousse with arugula• fruit skewer and crudités WARM HOMEMADE SCONES (add to your plate)• served with fresh strawberries & whipped coconut cream CHEF’S SELECTION (add to your plate)• baked or raw desserts or pastries and sweetsDinnerappetizers SOUP OF THE DAYyour server will inform you of the culinary creation BUTTERNUT SQUASH & APPLE BISQUE     V  GFroasted squash and sweet potato in a curry scented velvety cream with diced sautéed apples, cranberries, honey and roasted almonds STE. ANNE’S SIGNATURE CAESAR SALAD    GF  DFfresh cut romaine hearts with roasted garlic aioli, crisp pancetta, croutons and parmesan tuile SALMON TARTARE    DFsalmon crostinis with apple, cucumber, avocado, chives and a soy-lime vinaigrette DUCK CONFIT    DFduck served atop a kohlrabi, fennel and cabbage slaw with a dried fig reduction BEEF CARPACCIO    GFthin slices of our grass fed beef tenderloin on crostinis with arugula, olive oil, capers and shaved parmesan ANTIPASTO SAMPLER FOR TWOa combination of crab cake, salmon tartare, duck, beef carpaccio, proscuitto and smoked trout, accompanied by spiced kalamata olives, sweet pickled beets and crostinis main coursesserved with seasonal vegetables and your choice of potato purée, basmati rice or parmesan risotto STEAK CUT FEATURE    GFroasted garlic gremolata crusted steak with a bordelaise sauce BEEF SHORT RIB    GFslow braised bone-in short rib topped with a cabernet peppercorn demi-glace ASIAN SURF & TURF    DFbraised pork belly, thai scallops, szechuan shrimp and pickled vegetables PAN SEARED SALMON    GFsalmon with watercress, spinach, coriander purée and a miso butter sauce CHICKEN BALLOTINE    DFchicken stuffed with cashews, dried cherries, roasted artichokes, swiss chard and a marsala reduction DUCK CONFIT RAVIOLIravioli with duck, wild mushroom, swiss chard and cep sauce VEGETABLE MILLE FEUILLE    V  GF  DFgreen zucchini, aubergine roasted peppers, tomatoes and onions, layered and served with a delicate tomato sauce GNOCCHI POTATO    Vsundried tomato and spinach gnocchi tossed in a garlic brown butter sauce