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The Experience

 Facility HoursAvailable year-round...................................LocationSouth of the Main Inn Ste. Anne's Spa is located on the northern end of a 400 acre property that is rich in natural diversity and geography. This area is known for its rolling countryside - the remains of the ice age as the great glaciers released their loads of sand, gravel, stone and topsoil, forming the drumlins of Northumberland. In 1985 the property was fenced to accommodate fallow deer imported from New Zealand. Over 15 paddocks were connected by a series of "raceways" designed to allow the herdsman to move the deer from one grazing pasture to another. The deer are no longer on the property and, as a result, the runways and paddocks are now accessible as walking trails. Check with guest services for more details. Trail conditions vary with the season, please wear appropriate footwear.


A Few Guidelines for a Safe and Enjoyable Walk

Give some thought to the clothing you wear, and be sure to use comfortable and sensible footwear. Changing weather conditions can make the trails treacherous - please watch your step!